About Me

As a 15 year veteran of the Walt Disney Florida Animation Studio, I am putting my experience into new ventures. During my tenure with Disney, I worked as a painter (digital and traditional), editing assistant, Final Checker, Animation Checker, Digital Camera Operator, Intranet Developer, Trainer and Assistant Technical Director of Layout.

I served two years in the United States Navy learning to speak Russian. I was honourably discharged after injuring my knees. I am also the son of an Air Force Sergeant and lived in Japan, Greece, England, Virginia, California, Colorado, Nebraska, Indiana, Texas and Florida.

Post-Disney there was an art gallery I helped run, returning to college to finally get a degree, teaching at college and working for a spell at Carley Corporation. It was interesting work. Building 3d models, 2d artwork, and developing educational and training software for the military.

Eventually I had rejoined the world of film-making and moved back to California. There I was a Training Supervisor at Digital Domain. It was good to be back, I didn’t realize how much I missed the ‘biz’.

From there, I made my way back to Florida to help open and build Digital Domain Media Group. It seemed an opportunity to build on the legacy and experience from DD Venice as well as Disney Feature Animation. The goal was to bring together the worlds of Animation and High-end Visual Effects. But all dreams must end and this one came crashing down hard for so many people. I had left on my own accord before the fated end for many. Perhaps it was instinct, I am not sure, but something told me to step away.

So once again I am looking towards a new future. I have left Film behind again for a much needed break. I miss it and I hope to return some day. But for now…rest. I don’t know what is next or what lies ahead but hopefully the journey continues to be challenging and exciting. I will try and keep everyone updated.

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